Movie: Martírio (October 10, 5 pm)

Everyone is welcome to the exhibition of the movie Martírio. More information can be found below.

When: October 10, 5 pm to 7h45 pm

Where: Emmanuel College Room 119 (next to the Museum station)

Language: Guarani and Brazilian Portuguese; subtitles: English.

Synopsis: the great reclaiming march for the sacred Guarani Kaiowá territories through Vincent Carelli’s filming, who recorded the birthplace of the movement in the 1980s. Twenty years later, touched by the successive massacres reports, Carelli searches the origins of this genocide, a conflict of disproportionate forces: the peaceful and obstinate insurgency of the dispossessed Guarani Kaiowá against the powerful apparatus of agribusiness.

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This showing of the movie Martírio is partially promoted by Jornal de Toronto.